The Hub

This site runs, the high-performance Open Source social engine. It is intended primarily as a place for our family and friends to share and speak freely. If you're not from the Cooley or Sekula families, or a friend of those families, consider an account on another Pump site. Find one using the try-it service, which will select for you a random pump server site.

Check out the current public activity on the entire network via the public pump, a spam-filtered view of the public firehose. You can see what people are saying, doing, and sharing without committing. You can also find the most popular people on the entire federated network!

This site gets its name, "The Hub," from a bulletin board system \(BBS\) that my father ran from 1987-1998. He shut it down after the web became ubiquitous and modems were no longer the way in which people communicated by computer and message board. I always felt that "The Hub" was an idea that transcended the hardware that made it possible, and here I realize that.

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