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HDD -> SDD conversion in a desktop

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Maxtor HDD in my desktop machine began failing last week. Ordered a 120GB SSD to replace it - since I have network storage for home directories, I just need a fast, small boot drive for the desktops in the house. Getting it setup this morning, but it's so nice to have a fast, quiet drive in this thing.

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My Seagate 1TB HDD is as good as silent and it's running 24x7 storing images every second from an FTP server. It's an external hard drive which is handy for using it with the Raspberry Pi. That being said it does require it to be plugged in at the power mains although the same would be true if it was an external SSD.

jrobertson at 2015-05-13T14:54:14Z

My mistake it's actually a 2TB HDD.

jrobertson at 2015-05-13T14:54:47Z