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A data-driven life: running, eating, feeling better, planning

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Some personal reflections on the data-driven life: exercise, eating, losing weight, and setting goals:

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Glad to read this, Steve. I'm sending the link to both sons. at 2016-03-26T00:57:09Z

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“Glad to read this, Steve. I'm sending the link to both sons.”

Thanks! It's a long road. A long, long, long road. It took me 15 years to put on all that extra weight. I figure it will take about that to knock it all back down again.

Stephen Sekula at 2016-03-26T01:33:31Z

Very nice post and nicely written!
Congratulations, Steve! Keep going!
I left a comment. :)

netgeek at 2016-03-26T09:27:37Z

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Nice post. I have same issue now. I had weight 100kg (near 220 lbs) in 2012, then I lose about 18 kg (about 40 lbs) during 1 year conscription and now I gain weight to 110 kg (242 lbs) and first time in my life I feel that I too heavy.

mnd at 2016-03-29T19:10:59Z